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Icon Thieves
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Welcome to Icon Thieves!

icon_thieves is dedicated to those of you that are guilty of stealing an icon or two in your time. Or, if you're as bad as me, several hundred. Come on, we've all stolen an icon at some point and used it. Just don't claim credit for them, alright guys? It's fine if you can't remember where you got it, but don't run around Live Journal saying "Hey, look what I made!"

Dispite outward appearances, Icon Thieves is not strictly for Icon Thieves. "IT" is a community dedicated to anything, from polls to gossip to your boyfriend/girlfriend dumping you. Feel free to discuss anything you like here, as well as post a couple of those hot little Icons you've been stealing. Spread the wealth.

I hope each and every one of you enjoys the community enough to recommend it to friends. Get out there and steal some Icons!